About me

Long Draw Yarn

About me

Feel free to drop me a line to request your favourite colours in roving, nylon/wool blend sock yarn, or a custom yarn!

Long Draw Yarn is owned and operated out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

I have been spinning since graduating from University with my BSc in Kinesiology. My wheel was a graduation present, and I suspect that had it been known how much of my home would soon be transformed into a spinning studio that my husband would have opted to give me a garden spade instead. At least then my eccentricities would be limited to the yard, and he would not have to suffer being ousted from his favourite lounging spot so that I could set up my wheel.
I dye and spin all of the yarn on this site unless specifically noted (I do after all occasionally fall in love with another fibre artist's colourway). I also love to work with fleece from Alberta raised Alpacas, so keep your eyes open for both dyed and bare baby Alpaca yarn!

If you ever have any requests, I can certainly do my best to explore colour or weight possibilities, or put together a larger dye batch if there's a big project that you have in mind.

You can see descriptions of the types of wool that I spin and some of the techniques I use in the Fibre Information section. Feel free to send me a message if you would like me to go into more detail about anything!

Shipping information can be found in the link at the bottom of the page.